Distilleria Caselli from 1860 - Storia - Generazioni


Francesco Caselli, 1835-1907
Galdino Caselli, 1881-1966
Francesco Caselli, 1904-1977
Marco Rinaldi, 1947-2008

Distilleria Caselli was established in 1860 thanks to FRANCESCO CASELLI.
From the beginning it was mainly a drugstore that produced countless goods. The liqueurs at the time were produced in the rooms on ground floor and in the cellars of Palazzo Caselli in the old town centre of Sassuolo.
When, at the beginning of the twentieth-century, GALDINO CASELLI took-over the business, he turned it even more into a Distillery. As a liqueur connoisseur, he very skilfully created different types of spirits and liqueurs and the most famous became "Elisir all’anice stellato" (star anise Elixir), later named "Sassolino".

FRANCESCO CASELLI (Galdino’s son) entered the company in 1943 and he too was a liqueur expert and boosted the production of NOCINO, which very soon became the leading product of the whole range of Caselli liqueurs in view of its quality.

In 1978, MARCO RINALDI took-over the management of the Distillery. Thanks to his proficiency in creating new liqueurs, he managed to develop a line of liqueurs with the whole piece of fruit inside the bottle. Thus Fragolino, Mirtillino and Rubino del Bosco came to life and these liqueurs are still taken as examples by many other producers today.

All the rest is by now recent history and, in the name of tradition, CASELLI’s commitment continues in offering top quality products and excellent customer service.

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